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The support of Riponites and those from the surrounding area has been nothing short of amazing, both during deployment and after suffering the loss of one of their own National Guardsmen on active duty. With 80 of our national guardsmen deployed to active duty, in a city of 7500, folks generally knew someone whose son, brother, husband or wife were going to be fighting for our nation's freedom for at least a year. Doug and Kathy Kelm in particular, parents of Sgt. Dan Kelm and lifelong friends of the Brockman/Wallace family, created Red Arrow decals and banners in honor of the 2/127th, proclaiming "Support Our Troops" and "Bring Them Home Safe". Upon learning of the loss of Spc. Michael Wendling and Sgt. Andrew Wallace, the Kelms created Red Arrow decals in their memory, the proceeds of which have gone into funds in honor of the soldiers' sacrifice. When Ryan Jopek, the third and last member of the 2/127th gave the ultimate sacrifice near the end of their deployment, the Kelms created a memorial decal for Ryan as well. Their company, Graphic Sign and Letter, Inc., has also created decals and banners for an Oshkosh transportation unit and other Wisconsin units which have been deployed. To this day, you cannot drive down the street in Ripon without seeing a Red Arrow decal displayed on a car, a home or a place of business. It's this kind of support which makes Ripon a wonderful place to live.

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